Okay, the XML site feed, which I mentioned last week, is finally working, for those of you who want to syndicate this site or read on your own aggregator thingy. The link is over there on your right and it’s called, strangely enough, “XML Site Feed.” I’d be curious to know if anyone’s using it, so please let me know.

I’ve been on hold with Intuit for nearly 40 minutes now. For the first time ever, I’m having an installation problem with their TurboTax state product. Delightful.

I need to take a poll and I sincerely hope that everyone reading will participate. Two questions:

1 – on a search engine, do you know the difference between a “sponsored link” and a “normal search result”

2 – if your answer to #1 was yes, do you ever click on sponsored links?

Search engine professionals need not answer, thank you. Please leave your answer in the comments field. Appreciate it.

Song now playing: Intuit hold music