OK. Thanks to the web geniusing of Dan Cederholm, I now have an email contact over there to the left – the link is under the picture of me holding hands with a young human who is a fan of the site. He recognized me at the store and ran up to me, all excited. He hesitated a little, though, when he saw that I had 25 cases of motor oil in my cart. After I told him that motor oil is my favorite drink and that it keeps robot healthy, he calmed down a little and begged for a picture. I couldn’t say no to the poor kid.

So after you email me with your comments, and you know you want to, go on over to Dan’s site, will ya? He’s a good dude. He found a way (via some other dude), to still have an email address on a website, but undetectable by spammers. Brilliant. That’s what the web be all about and shit. Everybody working together to put the beat-down on the spammers. Hell yeah.