I make no bones about my leaning towards the Democrats, but they need to muzzle up John Kerry and put him on the sidelines for a while. His recent dust-up just confirms what everyone has known all along – this is not a guy who can identify with anyone making less than $10 mil a year. It is so obvious that he slipped and revealed his true feelings about the rank-and-file in the U.S. military. Trying to backtrack and say it was all a joke is just embarrassing. The guy should apologize and go away before he really screws something up. UPDATE: well, there you go. And this.

Big week in music here: the Anders Parker album came out yesterday, as did the Anders Parker/Jay Farrar album. I have the former (and it’s good) and I won’t buy the latter until it’s available on EMusic. It’s tempting because it’s sitting there on ITunes, but my boycott continues until the DRM/copyright protection is removed from ITunes. Imagine how much money Apple is leaving on the table from me alone!

On the live music circuit, this week is big, too. Sunday night I finally, FINALLY get to see The Whigs – the show I’ve been waiting for all year. They play at Axis, after which I’ll shoot over to T.T. The Bear’s for the Bottle Rockets. On Tuesday night, the Parker/Farrar army invades the Paradise. Each one will do their own set, then both will play the Gob Iron stuff. Should be killer.