Oh – I got so wrapped up in my essay about Google that I forgot to post my original thought – this morning after the gym I had a peach and blueberry smoothie. Yum! You just jam it all in the blender and it comes out a delicious and healthy drink. Feeling refreshed and fired up, I hopped in my car and started zooming off to work. For some reason – and I never do this – I looked at my teeth in the mirror and – HORROR – noticed that all kinds of little dark-blue blueberry particles were stuck in my teeth. I looked downright British. It was nasty! In a horrendous state of panic, I slapped the car in reverse, parked, went back in the house and flossed like a mutha. Any other morning and I wouldn’t have noticed. I would have strutted in to work looking like my teeth were falling out. Damn.

Song now playing: AC/DC – “Jailbreak” (The Bon Scott era was 500 times better than the Brian Johnson era. I’ll take anyone on in a debate on this)