Oh, hello there. Not-so-seriously – my apologies for my absence again. I had to be in San Jose, CA for work last week and then I was in New Hampshire to visit my parents over the weekend. There’s little opportunity for blogging when you’re working, dining clients, then flying home to find the temperature somewhere around 347 degrees and then immeadiately driving two hours to visit my parents, you know? However, all this tripping was guaranteed to give me a few highlights, and here you go:

I seem to have acquired a new taste for jumping off things into water. Not just wimpy two-foot diving boards, either. While I was in Martha’s Vineyard, I made a few jumps off a 15-foot bridge into the water below (picture coming soon, actually!). That must have activated some kind of daredevil gene that I never knew I had, because I am usually quite wimpy when it comes to things involving heights. Nonetheless, a year ago I wouldn’t have even considered jumping off my dad’s boat, but my new Vin Diesel ballsy-ness has allowed me to run across the bow and just leap right over the railing into the water – probably about 10-15 feet. Sweet! Who knows when I’ll strike next?

Highlight of flying to Los Angeles last week: one of the flight attendants (male) walked up to the gate before we boarded and I noticed that his hair was all blond, spiky and out-of-control, and I thought to myself, “this guy must be a Rod Stewart fan.” So we start boarding, and he picks up his bag, and sure enough, there’s all kinds of pictures of Rod Stewart ALL over his bags. Backstage passes, pictures of he and Rod, all kinds of stuff. And he has hair just like him. Hmmmm. A male Rod Stewart groupie? Pretty funny.

Speaking of gays (did I just say that?), I read in the Globe yesterday that the New York Times will start publishing same-sex unions on their wedding announcement pages. About damn time. The Globe, however, was “still reviewing their policies,” which translates to “we’re still stuck in 1962.” Just do it for chrissakes. Who cares if you’re gay anymore? In 10-15 years, it will be no issues. Just think about all the gay characters on TV now and all the gay spokespeople out there. The “next” generation of kids won’t even bat an eyelid. Or a false eyelid, for some of ’em. Hah.