Plenty of places to find news on Michael Jackson, obviously. My only thoughts are this: most articles talk about how shocking and sad it is. It is, indeed, sad. Somewhere in that catalog, there is a Michael Jackson song (or 10, or 20) that you like, whether or not you care to admit it. You can’t argue with the numbers, or his groundbreaking use of the video medium – or his talent. He was a monster.

But shocking? Hardly. I mean, you take a nameless 50 year old man, seemingly healthy – and if he drops dead of cardiac arrest, that’s shocking. But Michael Jackson? This is a guy who, sadly, never experienced a normal day in his entire life. All spotlight, all the time. The largest selling record in the history of music (be careful what you wish for..) can certainly be an albatross. Throw in the eccentricities, the medication from what undoubtedly were several surgeries and the stress (guilty or not) of child molestation charges and you’ve got a guy who probably had a little stress in his life. So it’s terribly sad, but I am in no way, shape or form surprised by the outcome.