This morning on Good Morning America they had a woman who lives in an 84 square-foot house. Now, more power to her I suppose for going off the grid and doing her part to conserve energy…..but 84 square feet? That’s about the size of a parking spot. Um, no thanks. To think that I thought my house, at 1700 sq feet, was too small since the twins were born. Sheesh. She doesn’t have a shower, either. Uhhh, what? Honestly I cannot imagine living without a shower or having to rely on other people or my workplace to have a shower. Yet another thing that I take for granted.

Here’s another recent dream:

I’m psyched because I’m about to see one of my favorite 1990’s bands, Pavement. I don’t know what year it is. I’m attending the show with Rick Crawford, an old co-worker and friend who tragically died two years ago. We’re both big Pavement fans (I’m not sure if he was in “real life”). We get to the show and we’re three songs in when, during the middle of one of my favorite Pavement songs (“Here”), Malkmus stops, starts swearing, throws a tantrum and leaves the stage. The show is over. Apparantly he was not happy with the attendance.

Rick implores me that we have to see a whole Pavement show as soon as possible. I don’t disagree, but the next one is in Seattle. The next day. So we get on a plane and go there. Next thing I know, I’m alone. I can’t find anyone, can’t find Rick, can’t find the show, can’t do anything. So I get back on the plane and go home. That’s all. Oh, just before I left to fly back, I walked into the airport bathroom and there was a few obnoxious dudes having a peeing contest in the bathroom. Distance, not volume. Wierd.

Figure that one out, Ficemook.