Not necessarily earth-rattling news, but it’s still noteworthy that one of the founders of the Blogger service, EvHead, is leaving Blogger/Google (Bloogle? Gogger?). There doesn’t seem to be any animosity or hard feelings, Ev just wants to try something new, which is not to be unexpected when you’ve sold your company and also been a part of one of the largest and/or most publicized IPO’s in history. Methinks he probably did alright in last couple of years in the moolah department, so much like all the other richie-rich’s, he’s off to meditate, chant, hum and chill. Good for him.

In other tech news, Microsoft grand poo-bah Steve Ballmer made some, uh, rather pointed remarks about IPod users. Specifically, he called us a bunch of thieves. Now, I cannot speak for every user of the IPod, but I can tell you that I now have 3,212 songs on mine and not a single one is stolen. Every friend I know who uses the Pod swears that ITunes is so addictive that it’s killing their wallet. Best of all was the post on Scoble’s blog yesterday, which you should definitely read. Remember, Scoble is an employee of Microsoft and one of the people I pointed out a couple of weeks ago for writing a damn fine blog. My opinion remains the same: I give all the credit in the world to Microsoft for letting him do this thang. But Ballmer deserves a boot to the ass for that little outburst.

The Red Sox start their journey into the postseason this afternoon with Game 1 at Anaheim. I don’t really know how to approach this postseason, personally. Last year is still a festering wound, so I’m having a hard time really hitching the kaboose to the train or getting too attached. But I know that all it’s gonna take is one or two postseason wins and I’ll get sucked right back in. This is more than I can say for the Cubs, who really blew it this season. Yikes. I mean YIKES.

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