I’ve written more than once here about my appreciation for all things Nada Surf, so I’m not going to go into any detail about how great a band they are and how they inexplicably keep getting better with age. Their live show is always a bomb of great rock ‘n’ roll and they proved it yet again last Tuesday at The Paradise. Despite my having a pretty horrendous chest cold, I went anyway. Because there’s certain bands you just cannot miss.

However, I was glad we got there in time to see the opening band, a group I’ve never heard of called The Delta Spirit. They were thrilling. A little more earthy than Nada Surf’s music, but the pairing made a heck of a lot of sense. They appear to be a five-piece (not sure about how many they have for studio recordings) and add in a nice occasional mix of piano, harmonica and things like tamborine and other little knick-knacks that make things very interesting. The next morning I downloaded their album (yes, I paid for it) and it’s really resonating. Their singer appears to be a very young guy, but his voice has that weathered feel that makes him sound older than he is. The live show is filled with energy all around. This is a very exciting find. Here’s a sample, the song is called “Trashcan.” Enjoy. Leave feedback if you want. Highly recommended……the whole album is solid.