Even though I’ve been playing fantasy baseball for the past ten years now, I’ve pretty much sucked for the last couple of years in most of my leagues except for one (I play in three).  So when I heard about Baseball Boss, I tried really hard not to click the link, because based on what I was reading, it was a totally different way to play fantasy baseball. That said, I clicked the link. Of course. And now I’m on it like a helpless crack addict.

In a nutshell, here’s how it works: you start with nothing. You get a free pack of 40 baseball cards, with real MLB players, spanning from 1907 through 2007. You don’t have to be a total baseball nerd to play – each card gives you the basic stats you need to figure out the right lineup. Then you start playing other random people who have signed up for the service, issuing (and accepting) challenges. The more you win, the more “points” and “challenge coins” you get in order to buy more cards and acquire more (and better) players. It’s fricking genius! It won’t be long before I know a bunch of friends and we set up our own league – which is coming soon. It’s less maintenance than regular fantasy baseball and it’s far more addicting (you don’t have to set your lineup every day and watch the waiver wire all the time).

If you like baseball at all, give it a shot. I named my team The Screaming Llamas (hat tip on that one to my co-worker Marc).