The name Ahmet Ertegun most likely means nothing to you, but I guarantee you this man has had an effect on your life. For some, it was an enormous effect and for most of us, it is minor. But it’s there. Rest in peace. Read the obit to find out how he affected you.

This whole Daisuke Matsuzaka thing is really kind of embarrassing. I mean, an internet flight tracker on Are you f’ing kidding me? Throwing out a first pitch at Fenway in mid-December to the owner? Dropping a ceremonial first puck at a Bruins game? Come on. Is our city really dorking out that much about a damn baseball player? It’s all well and good that we signed a good pitcher nicknamed “the monster,” but the guy has never thrown a major league pitch. This is a combination of a master agent drumming up a hornets nest around his client and a group of type-A Red Sox owners whose PR and Marketing departments are totally and obnoxiously in overdrive. By the way, what do you think Matsuzaka was thinking when he walked out onto the ice at the Bruins game last night and came face-to-stomach with the real monster – Zdeno Chara?

Here’s an idea. Seeing as though I keep reading about people getting lost (and some tragically) while hiking in national parks, why can’t the damn wireless/cell phone companies start giving us close to 100% coverage in this country? Think about that for a second. Not only is wireless becoming the de facto method of communication, it can also be used a beacon for people who are in some kind of trouble. The wireless carriers could always use some good PR since I don’t think of any of them as particularly caring or giving. Do something nice. Put up some cellphone towers. See how it might help? Yeah. That. UPDATE: I just saw this on CNet. Not encouraging, is it?

When I heard there was a new internet site where you can log in and just tell people what you’re doing, I thought it was rather ridiculous, thinking the web had basically gone too far now. Kind of like how some people say we’ve run out of any more good ideas for rock songs. But damn, the site is actually addicting! Why do I keep signing up for this stuff!?!?