My suspicion is that there have been a lot of people through the years who have been very excited upon winning fabulous prizes on the TV game show “The Price Is Right,” but I’m not quite sure you will ever see anything like the freak-out this guy has. Truly incredible (that link is a Real Video download – you won’t regret it).

I don’t think I watched one whole Patriots game until the playoffs – and now we’re going to the Super Bowl and I am on the bandwagon. I pretty much only watch football when the local team is in the playoffs and I am not ashamed to admit my bandwagon support. It’s okay.

It’s almost time to buy an Ipod…….as soon as I get it, I wonder if I’ll be the only dude in the United States with the Vulgar Boatmen’s “Opposite Sex” on it. One of the greatest albums never released in America. Thankfully, a friend was able to copy it for me last week….

Happy MLK

Song now playing: Pink Floyd – “Mother”