My new commute is 12.1 miles each way. Takes about 22 minutes. I’m now located about 1.5 miles from one of the best homemade ice cream stands in the state, which is dangerously delicious. One mile exactly to the gym. 21 miles to Somerville’s Davis Square, where we now “used” to live. Our first phone call was received by my friend Leo Daley. Our last official night in Somerville was capped off by a beautiful chopped brisket sandwich at Redbones. Stephanie had the pulled pork. Finally, moving sucks, but the excitement of a new house overrides it anytime. I’ve just found this out. I’ve also found out that the best way to unload a lawn tractor from a pick-up truck is to have your friend drive the truck straight into a ditch and then just push the tractor off, because the hitch in the back is now almost perfectly level with the ground. Worked like a charm.

For an interesting overview of the song “Blinded By The Light,” including some hilarious user-submitted lyrics (what people think they’re saying), click here, this page includes my favorite user-submission: “Wrapped up like a douche bag for the Roman in the night.” (courtesy

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