• So last night I’m flipping channels and I come across a snippet of the CBS show, Cold Case. You know, the one with the blonde who looks like she’s from Mars who solves old murder mysteries? Lots of people seem to think she’s good looking, but I think she looks like a combination of that Versace woman and a duck. Mean-spiritedness aside, I’m flipping through and I stop here because they’ve got song lyrics written on a chalk board that they are trying to analyze, then one of the other cops says that the Elton John song “Daniel” was originally written with an extra verse and that nobody really knows that the song is really about Vietnam. Interesting if it’s true.
  • Last night as I microwaved some frozen Whole Foods corn I realized that I still don’t like to use rounded-off microwave times. You know how everybody puts something in for 1:00 exactly or :30 seconds exactly? Why do people do that? I remember as far back as high school my dad poking fun at me because I put stuff for 1:13. Or 2:52. I always pick random numbers. I have no idea why – maybe it’s because I’m totally insane.
  • I am still waiting for the Bruins to prove it to me.
  • I couldn’t help but laugh when I opened the Globe this morning to find out that Meat Loaf’s Bat Out of Hell III is coming out this week! That’s right, THREE! Meaning there was actually a TWO! What? I also happened to catch “the making of” the original Bat Out of Hell album on VH1-Classic over the weekend, an album that got plenty of airplay from my parents while growing up. I’m so-so on that album – I do think “Two Out of Three Ain’t Bad” is a damn great song, but “Paradise By The Dashboard Light” is bombastic, ridiculous and overplayed. The documentary was actually great, though. Like it or not, the Loaf worked hard.
  • Saturday Night Live’s best single performance of the season was the great Maya Rudolph portraying a local St. Louis singer who wins the opportunity to sing the national anthem at the World Series. I was absolutely rolling. I wish YouTube or NBC.com would put that up for people to see. Beck was the musical guest and the second song was spectacular. Beck was standing with a guitar while the rest of the band sat at a dinner table and played percussion using forks, spoons, knifes, plates and teacups – all while a puppet show of the entire band mimics what the real band was doing. I’m not Beck’s biggest fan, but this was terrific. I’m sure this will be up on the web at some point soon. Has to be seen.

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