For years I’ve been reading Bob Lefsetz and laughing. I mean, the guy can really capture your attention and keep it when he writes. I still don’t really know what he does or how he makes money. And I don’t think I want to know, because I gwet the feeling that the more I know about him, somehow it would make me want to read his writing less. So I keep his history in the dark corners.

Every couple of weeks he summarizes the top selling albums on Billboard. This might be his funniest recurring theme and the one I identify best with because I always seem to think his blurbs are spot on. He really rips shit apart and even though it’s repetitive from time-to-time, you can’t help but enjoy it. So even if you’re not a huge music fan, I think you’d at least enjoy taking a spin through his latest Billboard chart summary.

I originally pictured the guy being like Andy Rooney – cantankerous, old, sitting in the corner muttering how it was in the old days. But thanks to the internet, you can find video of the guy and judge for yourself. My take – he’s more like Archie Bunker – cantankerous, but a bit of a softie. I love Lefsetz’s reflections on where he was in life when certain albums came out. Or his recollections of growing up and the little anecdotes of his parents. It makes it all very real and emotional. You sometimes  feel sympathy. Or sometimes you want to slap him. It’s very much like life.

His square off at a music conference with Gene Simmons was one for the ages. The beauty of their banter was that they’re kinda both right. As with any profession, there are exceptions, but I agree with Simmons that pretty much all musicians are in it for fame and money. And I agree with Lefsetz that Simmons should just go away.

Either way, the guy keeps me reading.

Part of the Lefsetz vs. Simmons debate: