It’s been a while since I posted any MP3’s. Nothing new has really been grabbing my attention lately, so I’ll just post some stuff I’ve had for a while that deserves to be heard. What, you didn’t know? Everything I listen to deserves to be heard! Come on, give it a chance! Leave feedback if you want.

I don’t think I’ve posted about Cat Power. Her last two albums have been extremely listenable, due to the fact that she’s in a phase of channeling that marvelous female ’60s soul sound. Bless her heart. This one is called “Aretha, Sing One For Me” and it takes, oh, about 20 seconds to love it.


I know I’ve posted in the past about Kelley Stoltz, but to me his new album is about the best thing going right now. What a sense for crafting a song! This one for me is a showstopper. It’s called “Put My Troubles to Sleep” and about 2:10 into it there’s this fuzz-guitar that comes in and it just gets me every time. It’s not loud or aggressive, it’s just….I don’t know. Classy?


The Black Keys also continue to impress me. Their latest album, “Attack & Release” is my favorite work of theirs thus far. It’s the albums where they expand their repitoire and explore sound when I really dig them. They did it with the “Chulahoma” EP and they really hit a home run with this new album. Here’s “All You Ever Wanted.”


I will NEVER stop loving music.