A couple of other tidbits that I hope somebody does care about in a week:

  • I got a free razor in the mail the other day. I’m not quite sure how I got on Gilette’s list, but I’d like to think it’s because someone over there did a search for Scarlett Johansen and got to my site, then realized what a taste-maker I am and thought “I must get this man a razor immeadiately.” Far-fetchedness aside, I am now the proud owner of a razor that has – get this – five blades on it. Five! I was secretly hoping that when the package came, it would be that razor that vibrates, because, well, it’s over the top. A vibrating razor! I did get to see one and hold one this weekend because my dad has one. My interest is certainly piqued. But nonetheless, mine, sans vibration, has five tiny blades and a bonus blade, located on the back side for reasons I cannot imagine. Thanks for the free razor. Quick aside: my traffic has doubled since the mention of that certain actress. In checking the last 25 searches in the traffic logs, 24 of them got here by a query which mentioned her name. The other query was “progresso breadcrumbs and meatballs.” I kid you not.
  • I saw my first episode of “Love Monkey” tonight. I love the idea of this show – adventures of an A&R guy for an indie record label. Much like “High Fidelity,” they get a lot of stuff right – particularly the background stuff – the posters have the right bands, the bumper stickers are applicable, the music is suitable enough and oh, man, when lead actor Tom Cavanaugh is talking with someone and they say something like “One way or another, I’ll find out” and Cavanaugh says “song title!” – that’s me. I do that all the time. Some of the actual music industry stuff is a little cliche, and probably rightly so if they want the show to succeed. I still really enjoyed it.
  • The internet is truly amazing. A good friend of mine from college now lives in Taipei, Taiwan, where he teaches English to adults. He and I took 6 weeks and drove around the country back in March/April of 1995 and we’ve maintained contact for the most part since our school days. He’s also a huge music fan, much like myself, and he introduced me to some life-changing music back in college. Well, through Grouper we are now able to share our music collections. I’m telling you, this Grouper thing is just a fantastic product. Here I am, sitting in Massachusetts, able to browse through my friend’s hard drive in Taipei and grab some music from him. Think about that for a second.
  • Speaking of which, my boycott of Itunes has begun. Oh, I’ll still use it to listen to music, sure, but I will be buying as much music as I can from other sources now (hello, EMusic!) until ITunes smartens up and removes their utterly ridiculous copy protection technology from songs you purchase there. EMusic has got it right and I’m now a proud customer. If they don’t have something, I’ll find a place other than ITunes to buy it, even if it that means – gasp – actually going to a CD store again, something I haven’t done since May of 2004.
  • The Red Sox are officially a three-ring circus again.