Monday’s night’s episode of Arrested Development may have contained one of the funniest moments in television I’ve ever seen. Words can do it no justice, but I’m compelled to try.

At one point in the show, Michael Bluth (Jason Bateman) is talking with his sister, mother and father when, out of nowhere, his father begins making fun of him for always being scared to ask women out. The father proceeds to begin clucking and motioning like a chicken and his mother and sister (Portia De Rossi) join right in.It wasn’t long before Michael’s brother Gob (pronounced “Jobe,” by the way) walks in the room and shouts “Oh! I have the perfect thing!” and he runs off somewhere. The chicken gyrating comes to an abrupt end and after everything has calmed down a little, Job runs out, now the only one chickening:

Like I said, words probably don’t do it justice. But I haven’t laughed that hard at a TV show in my life, I believe. Steph and I had to rewind and re-watch it no less than ten times and I have designated it a spot in my Tivo Hall of Fame, right there with the Clash concert and the Red Sox World Series Films – all shows I am now incapable of deleting.