Maybe it’s because I’m such a big fan of the NBC show “Ed” or something, but lately I’ve been thinking if it would be cool or if it would suck to actually own a bowling alley. Of course, it would be nothing like “Ed,” I am not nearly gullible enough or stupid enough to think life is anything like a television show, but it does make me wonder. It seems Boston lacks a really hip kind of bowling alley in the Somerville/Cambridge area, and I believe someone could have a shot at succeeding if they were to engage in such an endeavor. There is a pretty large bowling center in Cambridge right on Route 2, but it’s dated and kind of cheesy.

So I did some research and it seems that the general consensus is that one would need approximately $1.3 million in financing to get a good solid, hip, mid-sized bowling alley off the ground. I envision this: a bowling alley, maybe 15-20 lanes, all ten-pin, with the best jukebox in town. I’m no braggart, but I do think I could easily put together the best jukebox in town (already have the CD’s, in fact). Anyway, I would also have a seperate room that would hold, oh, 50-75 people and I’d use that room for low-decibal bands and I’d have shows start at 7:30 pm. This would be for three purposes: 1) to get people to the bowling alley, obviously, 2) show would be over at 8:30 or 9pm so people could bowl afterwards and 3) so people my age who have to be at work the next morning can get home at a reasonable hour if they just want to see a show. Furthermore, I bet I could get bands who are playing in the clubs later that night to do an acoustic show at that time for a few extra bucks. There are NO clubs that do that in this city. And I know it’s all driven by alocohol. Is this a pipe dream? I dunno. Just sounds like something that would work, doesn’t it? Please send money.

The Rolling Stones have most certainly become more cartoonish than anything since, oh, 1981, but I’ve been listening to a lot of their late ’70s/early ’80s stuff lately and I am so digging it. While clearly not their strongest era, songs like “Heartbreaker,” “Emotional Rescue,” “Miss You,” and especially “Waiting on a Friend” should be given more credit than they seem to be given. Or maybe they are given credit and I just don’t realize it. Whatever. My ears itch for some reason today. Like – inside my ears. That’s annoying.