Major, major, major snaps and props to The Bottle Rockets, who came to town last night and as usual, kicked out the heartland jams just like they always do: volume knobs up, tequila and beers down, and fun all around. I can’t even begin to describe how criminal it really is that this band isn’t playing in bigger venues than 150-person capacity nightclubs. It’s just beyond the realm of imagination. Yet, they continue to tour around in their van and have what appears to be great fun. I’ve now seen them over 20 times and every time I leave I say to myself, “self, that’s the best live band in rock and roll.” And I believe it.

Speaking of nightclubs, I’m looking forward to the day when smoking is banned in them in Boston/Cambridge. Sometimes the smoke really does bother me (headache, throat hurts, etc) but most of all, it’s just plain annoying to have all your clothes smell like it. Ick. Last night wasn’t so bad, actually. For once, the club was shrouded in clouds, so that made the show that much more pleasant. Anyway, perhaps you smokers should take to these. Sounds like fun.

Barry Bonds has already hit four home runs after two games. Can he be stopped? The Red Sox season is off to an auspicious start for sure. Pedro Martinez got whacked around like a pinata, Dustin Hermanson got hurt last night after like 6 pitches (Kent State alum!) and the Sox have played exactly one game in four days (and it was a crappy game!). And their plane got struck by lightning en route to Boston on Sunday. Hmmmm…..omen?

I really, really, really love Fig Newtons.