Lots of stuff from the weekend:

– Hey, remember my rant about the worst songs of all-time? Well, it looks like Blender magazine agrees with me on my insistance that Starship’s “We Built This City” is the worst song ever. You go, Blender! The one major problem I have with their list is the inclusion of Simon & Garfunkel’s “The Sound Of Silence” as one of the worst songs. What a mistake that is to include that.

– This morning at exactly 5:28, Stephanie and I were awakened by a parade. No shit. A parade! You see, it’s Patriots Day here in Massachusetts, the anniversary of the start of the Revoloutionary War in Lexington & Concord. You know, “the shot heard ’round the world?” So anyway, 5:28 this morning we hear very loud drums, marching and flutes playing Yankee Doodle. Unreal!

-While it did contain some great moments and overall I found it to be very much worth my time, Lost In Translation, suffered from over-hype. Slow-paced and mealy-mouthed, it probably also ran about 20 minutes too long. But don’t let my bitching prevent you from seeing it – still pretty darn good. Not sure it was worthy of a Best Actor nomination for Bill Murray, either, but I would have loved to see him win it. Anyway, at this time I am far more partial to Sofia Coppola’s other widely distributed work, “The Virgin Suicides.” A much better film.

– Big news over the weekend: I replaced an electrical outlet. Previous to August, the thought of me hunkering down and doing electrical work such as this would make me, uh, poop myself with fear of being killed or at least dreadfully charred by a mindless mistake made with wires. How hard could it be, right? Other than trying to unscrew some screws that must have been in the wall for at least 50 years, it went off without a hitch. When I plugged something into the new outlet to make sure it worked okay, I had visions of a very large explosion as soon as I flicked the switch. Since I am sitting here typing, that did not happen. No explosions, no sparks, no charring – complete success. Oh, suburban bliss.

Song now playing: Air – “Playground Love”