Time for another installment of “what did people type into a search engine to get to rustedrobot.com?”

  • scarlett johansen breast size measurements
  • superstar sunday Dragonheart pics
  • scarlet johansen pictures
  • I’d rather hurt you honestly than mislead you with a lie 80’s
  • why can’t i buy a day pass for google video
  • chris harford tabs

These are truly a mystery to me, as I don’t believe I have ever mention Scarlet Johansen, Dragonheart, or Chris Harford (a musician) on this site. The Google video thing I can understand, as I just mentioned that last week and I used “I’d rather hurt you honestly…” as a title for one of my posts. Search engines are wierd. Despite the fact that I’ve been employed by one for nearly five years now, I have no idea why this site would surface in search results for a search on Scarlet Johansen’s breast size measurements.

Recent ear candy via ITunes:

  • “Can You Come Down With Us?” – The Olivia Tremor Control
  • “All Day and All Of The Night” – The Kinks
  • “Midnight to Six Man” – The Pretty Things
  • “Little Bit ‘O Soul” – The Music Explosion
  • “Fifteen Keys” (live) – Uncle Tupelo
  • “When My Baby’s Beside Me” – Big Star
  • “Lady Godiva and Me” – Grant Lee Buffalo
  • “Love’s Where Life Begins” – Arthur Alexander
  • “Shiloh Town” – Mark Lanegan
  • “Bye Bye Love” – The Cars
  • “Hoochie Coochie” – Muddy Waters
  • “New Partner” – Palace Brothers
  • “18 Miles to Memphis” – Stray Cats

Finally, for those of you keeping score at home, the final list of my favorite bands of the 1990’s (in no particular order):

  • Teenage Fanclub
  • Uncle Tupelo/Wilco/Son Volt
  • Pavement
  • Faith No More
  • Screaming Trees/Mark Lanegan
  • U2
  • Cracker
  • Bottle Rockets
  • Elliot Smith
  • Grant Lee Buffalo