Lately, let me tell you how great it’s been that every weekend we have rain, and every weekday, when we’re at work, it’s beautiful outside. Anyway, the crappy weather over the weekend kept us indoors, so I revved up the DVD player and saw the movie Secretary, which was quite bizarre and at times a little uncomfortable to watch. In the end you realize it’s simply a love story between two really fucked up people. I shall not say any more about the film. Okay, I shall say one more thing about the film – Maggie Gyllenhaal was fantastic. This is her first film playing a lead role, and it reminded me of how excellent Kirsten Dunst was in her first lead role in The Virgin Suicides, my favorite movie of 2000. At the time, I thought Dunst was really going places, and she was, but it was a place called “Bad Movie Headquarters.” Let’s hope young Maggie has a better agent?

Speaking of Gyllenhaal’s, I can’t think of any movies where the two siblings (Jake and Maggie) play a character that isn’t a mental disaster, can you? Those of you who have seen the terrific Donnie Darko know what I speak of. Jake was pretty damn convincing in “The Good Girl,” too. Those two have the acting genes, I guess. Enough about Gyllenhaal’s for now.

Thankfully, Amazon also plopped the new Led Zeppelin DVD on my doorstep on Saturday, so that went straight from the box to the player. I’ve seen about a half hour so far and it looks promising, especially when it’s booming across my living room in 5.1 Digital Surround. Can I get a hell yeah?

Finally, can someone tell me what the hell is going on in Swaziland? I’ve never even heard of Swaziland.

Song now playing: Pavement – “Two States”