Last night I made scallops for the first time. This is not big news. But they came out so well that I had to document it somewhere. You see, someday I’m going to have kids and maybe even grandchildren. I’d like them to be able to go through my archives 50 years from now and see what I was like on a daily basis. That’s just really cool to think about. My English teacher told me in 9th grade that someday I would regret not keeping a journal. At the time, I thought keeping a journal was girly, insane and a waste of my time. Now I’ve come around – she was 140% correct. I so wish I had kept journals – especially during that time of my life. So while I may be able to go to the newly-created National Archives and see when my grandfather came to America, my kids and grandkids will be able to come to this site to know ME. That’s one of the most powerful things about the internet. I would give anything to be able to read weblogs my parents and grandparents created back when they were younger. That would be amazing.

Anyway, I made a citrus-based marinade for the scollops, some lemon, lime and orange juice, all combined with a little bit of honey and some garlic. Throw in some onions and cilantro, and you have got yourself one hell of a scollop dinner. Damn! A shout-out on the scollops, by the way, to Trader Joe’s one of the best grocery stores ever created.

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