Last Friday night at about 5:45pm I was sitting in the office at work, on the phone, for what I decided would be my last call of the day. Stephanie was out for most of the night, so I found myself trying to decide what to do with myself. Normally, when I try to decide what to do, it takes me about 37 hours. Not on this night. I quickly decided that I wanted to see the movie Miracle. This should come as no shock to anyone, since I’ve played hockey nearly my entire life and I do remember watching the 1980 U.S. hockey team like it was last week. I was only nine at the time, but I remember it so clearly – the blue ice, the pandemonium, Al Michaels, the stunned looks on the Russian faces. Anyway, the movie was Disney-esque – squeaky clean, fairly compelling and very moving. Kurt Russell was excellent as coach Herb Brooks. In interviews I’ve seen and read, the actual players are all saying that Russell nailed the personality of Brooks to a T – that’s cool.

Two questions come out of this:

1) Because the movie started at 6:45, I realized that I had to move quickly if I was going to make it on time. I was also hungry. I also had no cash. I quickly formulated my plan: drive right to Maynard, hit the ATM, grab a sandwich and bring it to the movie. Which I did. With the sub stuffed under my coat, I walked into the theatre about ten minutes before the movie started and had my dinner. Later on, I told Stephanie about this and she seemed to get a kick out of the fact that I brought a sub into the theatre and ate it. She wondered if other people might have thought it was weird or rude. It didn’t really even occur to me that it might be strange, but in thinking about it, I’ve never actually seen someone do it (except me, now). My question: if you saw someone eating a sub at a movie theatre, would you think it was strange?

2) I also don’t think twice about going to the movies by myself. I’ll call a couple of people and if they can’t go, than that’s fine. I’ll go alone. However, I’ve spoken with many people who feel uncomfortable going to movies alone. I sure don’t. I’m the type of person who likes to be alone quite a bit, actually. Think about it – I’ve had this site for over two years now and all I really do is talk about myself. I believe that I am my favorite person and there’s nothing wrong with that. Is there? Question: do you think it’s strange when you see people in the movie theatre alone?

Song now playing: The Velvet Underground – “I’m Sticking With You”