“Walking On Sunshine” will not be the song that people in New Orleans and the surrounding areas will be singing to themselves over the next couple of days. In case you’ve kept your head in a vacuum over the last couple of days, Hurricane Katrina is poised to kick some serious ass in New Orleans on Monday. That the city sits below sea level is one concern, but from wherever you’re sitting right now, even if it’s in Alaska, Katrina’s coming for you, too.

Situated in The Gulf of Mexico between Louisiana and Florida are the refineries that produce 30% of American oil. That is exactly where Katrina is right now and it’s not expected to be pretty. The best case scenario has the refineries back up and running within a week. That’s if there’s minimal damage. Last I checked, though, Katrina was spitting out 165 MPH winds and was a category 5 hurricane – as serious as it gets.

What next? Starting like, now, watch as your local gas station knee-jerks and kicks prices up to levels you’re not going to like. At all. It’ll partially be greedy profit-taking and the increase will be temporary, yes. But it will also speak volumes to the teetering old tree that is oil supply and how just one small event can turn an industry and your wallet on its ears. Now just imagine terrorism (or something else) shuts down Saudi Arabia’s production. My goodness. The results would be catastrophic.

All that said, I do manage to find serious amusement in the fact that quite a few are remaining in New Orleans and washing it all down with some time on Bourbon St. I mean, you have to hand it to these folks, if they handed out medals for partying, these dumb-asses get the Distinguished Service Cross.

Teenage Fanclub – “Don’t Hide”
The International Submarine Band – “A Satisfied Mind”
Bruce Springsteen – “Prove It All Night”
Mission Orange – “Up On Blocks”
Sparklehorse – “Tears On Fresh Fruit”
Georgia Satellites – “Cool Inside”
Simon & Garfunkel – “Scarborough Fair”
Fairport Convention – “Million Dollar Bash”
Bottle Rockets – “Nancy Sinatra”
Elliot Smith – “Tomorrow Tomorrow’
Television – “Prove It”
Guided By Voices – “The Enemy”
Green On Red – “Hair Of The Dog”