Jay Farrar’s management sent out their newsletter today and mentioned the interview I did from two weeks ago (quite nice of them!). However, they only put the main page URL, so it’s not on this page. Fear not, though! For those of you coming over from the newsletter, you can click here to see the interview with Jay. You can also read a bunch of other interviews by clicking here. Enjoy.

Last year I included The Tyde’s “Twice” on my Top Ten Albums of 2003 list. This Los Angeles-based band’s first two albums, titled “Once” and Twice are both fabulous slices of, for lack of a better term, “stoner california pop.” Now, I am not insinuating at all that this band participates in the use of class-D substances, it’s just simply a label I’ve given them because I want to. More importantly, their sweet pop sound and indie-rock-meets-buffalo-springfield vibe is so crazy-ass catchy that it’ll drive you berserk.

I’m happy to offer up The Tyde’s frontman and guitarist Brent Rademaker for today’s installment of Item Five. Brent also fronted another interesting SoCal cosmic country band called Beachwood Sparks at one point. Here goes….

1. Wile E. Coyote was always shown as the bad guy, but I think he might have been a softie. Did it ever occur to you that maybe he just wanted to go out on a date with the Roadrunner? That maybe, just maybe, passion burned deep in his fur and all he wanted was what we all want – love?

What are you implying about these wonderful cartoon characters, sir? I actually prefer Wile to the Roadrunner, gay or not.

2. What can you tell us about the new album coming out soon from The Tyde? Will it be called “Three Times A Lady?”

That title has been suggested by so many people, there’s no way that I could use that. If everybody who suggested that title to me actually bought a copy of the record, we might have a hit on our hands. But seriously, I do have a title and it does have something to do with “three” but it’s a secret. The new album is currently in the works, look for it in Spring 2005.

3. Do you like it when people say that The Tyde have “that California sound?” Are you really that influenced by The Byrds, Buffalo Springfield, etc?

The ultimate is to be called a California sounding band. I’ve listened to The Byrds, Buffalo Springfield, Burritos, etc. and studied them to death to a point that I rarely listen to them anymore. It’s sort of something that we always seem to fall back on but it’s actually a minimal part of our sound these days. There is an endless supply of musical caverns to mine elsewhere, but we definitely love representing California worldwide.

4. You toured last year with one of my favorites, Joe Pernice, which is a somewhat unlikely pairing. Did you enjoy the tour? Was it something either one of you

sought out or was it just a random pairing?

The Pernice Brothers actually asked us on for that leg of the tour. Although at the time, I was only casually familiar with Joe’s work, I feel that we definitely have common ground. He and the boys in the band were fantastic gentlemen and amazing musicians. Joe literally gave me the shirt off his back at the last show which will definitely show you the kind of guy he is. I think he thought as well as I do, that we both made sort of 80s inspired records this time around.

5. Which gum do you like better: Fruit Stripe or Blackjack?

I was always a teaberry man myself. But don’t chew gum these days, I hear it bloats you.

6. Who is the most underrated band of all time?

Felt or Denim hands down.

7. Why don’t you ask me a question?

How are the waves where you live dude?

Answer: Ever seen Emmanuel Lewis?

8. What was the last thing you laughed really hard at?

Went to see a screening of the latest Vincent Gallo film, The Brown Bunny, Friday night. He gave a Q&A with the audience afterwards and ended with a videotape of Roger Ebert dissing him and his film which was hilarious.

9. Any idea who you’ll vote for in the upcoming election?

Sir, the American way is to not disclose that but it’s not Bush and it ain’t Nader. Apparently it’s the Vietnamese way too because my mother-in-law won’t disclose whom she is voting for.

10. Who would you rather be (and why): Sandra Bullock, Jim J Bullock, or Tina Turner (whose real name is Ana May Bullock)?

Sandra Bullock disgusts me. I love Jim J. Bullock on that show with Ted Knight but Ted Knight is the ruler there. But I have to say Tina Turner because of the voice and the hot legs but wouldn’t that make me Rod Stewart?

Thanks to The Tyde!