The twins, who turned two last week, are hitting a phase now where taking off their diaper is great fun. For example, after a bath when you get a diaper on Nathan and move on to Zachary, Nathan will walk about five feet away and take his off. It goes back and forth and it can go on for what feels like ages. They love to do it. There’s really only one defense for that – onesies, which I now consider to be a) the greatest invention on Earth and b) the great equalizer. Once there’s a onesie, it’s game over. But I was telling Steph last night that out of all the stuff they do to press our buttons, that one gets to me more than anything. I think it’s a fear that they’ll take their diaper off and then proceed to pee and/or poop on something. This has not happened yet.

In general, I do my very best to stay calm and collected when they try to press our buttons because I know they’re just limit-testing. I know that if I react, it will get a rise out of them and it will snowball in the future. Which leads me to my next subject – patience. At work for example, it sometimes gets frustrating when I have to exchange contract edits 50 times with a company because they’re endlessly harping on clauses that will never be used or points that aren’t really important. I like to just get to the point and finish it with minimal (if any) back-and-forth. Oh, I know it’s a necessary evil to have some back-and-forth, I totally get it and in most cases I respect the process and the people I’m doing it with. But there’s a small percentage of people/companies who want to go tit-for-tat just because they like the game, not because they want to craft a deal that works great for both companies.

With the kids, I truly believe that they have helped me tremendously in working on patience and it has translated in other places – work, sports, whatnot…

In less important, but way more funny news, the “literal video version” of Total Eclipse of The Heart really made me laugh. I love these. See it here: