I’ve been hearing a lot about The Soundtrack Of Our Lives, another Swedish band that seems to be making a lot of waves in the States lately. I’ll need to check them out.

I was present and accounted for at the Verizon Wireless Arena last night for WWF Smackdown. Pretty fun – and funny. It was the first time I’d been to a WWF event since it got really huge – I went once when I was like 9 or 10, but it was old school style. It’s strange to actually go because I am so used to the bang-bang-bang atmosphere when it’s on TV, but when you’re there, they’re shooting all kinds of stuff for different TV shows so some guys actually wrestle twice and there’s lots of weird silence in between matches, which lasts about five minutes. I always thought that they just kept the matches rolling without any stops like that. Either way, those wrestlers deserve a hell of a lot of credit – their athleticism is just unreal. I actually got in on the action, too – one of the bad guy wrestlers was just cheating so much and I got so incensed about his repeated bending of the rules that I had to jump in and settle it myself with that heel. Here you see me putting the finishing touches on this loser with my much-feared finishing move, “the smily elbow.” It was lights out!