I can’t seem to make it through a debate anymore. I’ve tried to watch two – the VP one last week and then last night’s presidential debate. It’s just not worth the time. As is the case with every presidential campaign, nobody is telling the truth. I hate it. Every four years, the nation starts buzzing like bees around the flowers over this stuff and every single time whoever wins the presidency never accomplishes what they promise to do during the campaign. It’s patently absurd. The whole thing is absurd.

So here’s what I do now: no more debates. I can read about what happened on the internet if I really need to. Then, if you want actual truth, just go to factcheck.org and they will give it to you. Or, even better, head over to votesmart.org and – get this – actually read the candidates voting records yourself! Now that’s a novel idea. But by god, don’t listen to them and don’t listen to the media.

On a MUCH funnier note, this skit from SNL this past weekend really had me cracking up: