I recently was able to upgrade on the relative cheap to a new IPod. As you might imagine, this isn’t a menial task. It means I have to scroll through the 6,797 songs currently in my library to build an entirely new set of songs for my new Ipod – with the goal being to never have to skip a song when it’s on shuffle. Yes, I’m insane.

The final tally: 1,075 songs.

As I scrolled through the library and added song after song to the big unit, I started wondering what song occured most frequently in my library. To put it another way – how many different versions of the same song do I have? The winner was “It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue,” which appears five times in my ITunes library. The rundown:

Bob Dylan, from “Bringing It All Back Home”
Bob Dylan, from the live Rolling Thunder Revue album (1975)
The Byrds, from “Turn! Turn! Turn!”
Them (featuring Van Morrison)
Bob Dylan, from the ’66 Royal Albert Hall show

My favorite version is the one by Them, featuring a very young Van Morrison before he was Van Morrison. It’s a fairly creepy version, but excellent nonetheless.

As usual, Murphy’s Law applies – I got this last Thursday, just 4 days before the IPhone announcement. So I’m not entirely sure what I’ll do with this new one, but I’ll probably keep it.