It was a pretty quiet week for me in NYC. On top of all the things which I pointed out in my previous post, not much else really happened. Of course, I jest. This was huge news and it’s quite exciting knowing that our traffic is now around the same or more than the likes of even For those who dismissed Ask Jeeves back in ’01 or ’02, this move makes it clear that our company is not going away. Of course, we have work to do and a lot of it – no company is perfect. But it’s been one hell of an exciting ride in the almost-three years I’ve been there.

My trips to New York will undoubtedly increase in frequency, which I will be sure to enjoy. One would imagine that I will be timing my trips based on the amount of good bands to see during a particular stretch.

I was able to snap a few pics last week, including that dude who was pretending the play the keyboard on 6th Avenue. Bless his heart. Of course, on any trip to NYC, I simply cannot resist one evening of gorging myself of the best pastrami ever produced at Katz’s Deli. Other than Katz’s, I never eat pastrami.

The Red Sox and the Yankees are playing today, in what otherwise would be just another quiet, nameless matchup of two teams trotting out a bunch of rookies. But since the Arms Race started this winter, it’s taken on a life of it’s own. Let’s remember people, this is spring training. There needn’t be such drama on March 7th.

Huge kudos go out to my friend Dan Cederholm, who has done something a lot of people (including me) wish they could do – he wrote a book. The focus it must take to oversee a book from start to finish is one hell of an endeavor and I’m pretty damn proud of my friend. Go get ’em.

This reminds me of the time in 7th grade when I tried to write a book. I was in the throes of my fascination with “The A-Team” and I made an attempt to write something in similar fashion. The result can only be described as pathetic. Even in 7th grade, I remember reviewing the documents, which probably would have amounted to only a chapter of an actual book, and just shaking my head in discouragement. I’ve always wanted to write – novels, biographies a beat reporter for the Red Sox – whatever. I dabbled in some music writing back in 95-96-97 but it never really amounted to much.

Then, back in the fall, I started writing some fiction with every intention of turning the bits and pieces I was writing into a book. Some of these have been posted here. But I’ve largely abandoned the project, due to work, the house, life. I’ve vowed to myself someday to give writing a go, though, somehow, somewhere, someway.

Song now playing: The Replacements – “Tommy Gets His Tonsils Out”