It appears that Microsoft has fired their first guns as they enter the search engine fracas. A temporary beta site has been launched which showcases Microsoft’s new search technology. While it’s still embryonic in nature, this is a pivotal moment in the search industry. It’s the kick-off to what’s been looming over the business for well over a year now: the ten-thousand pound gorilla is out of the cage.

All that said, times have changed since Microsoft essentially rubbed out Netscape and this foray (in my opinion) won’t be nearly as easy for crew in Redmond, WA. They’re not just bumping up against another competitive company here, they’re bumping up against a movement, or even more specifically, a verb. So strap yourself in – Google’s going public, Microsoft is joining up, Yahoo keeps on keepin’ on and Ask Jeeves, well, we’re still concentrating on great, intuitive search results.

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It’s a good thing I only heard the end of the Red Sox-Yankees game last night, because if I had seen it, I might have thrown up. That’s the kind of loss that can really send your team into a skid (what movie was it when the sports phychologist kept repeating “losing is a disease…..”). Anyway, there’s still a bevy of games left, but these two losses more or less put the Red Sox into the wild card race and nothing more.

Poor dude. This guy saves up one million pennies on a bet with his brother and now nobody will cash them in. Imagine how much space one million pennies would take up? Sheesh.

Song now playing: Palace Brothers – “More Brother Rides”