Ugh. I’ve historically sung the praises of Kent State, my alma mater. I spent four pretty glorious years there, actually learned a lot, grew up, had some unbelieveable experiences (I mean, pretty much standing in the Blue Jays dugout when Joe Carter hit his World Series-winning home run? Yeah, that was cool) and Kent is where I acquired my still-voracious appetite for discovering new music. There’s plenty of other good stuff that happened there, too, but it’s not necessary to speak of them here. How’s that for mysterious?

The other night, though, I was flipping channels and watched the news for a few minutes and was quite sad to hear about this. It appears as if a all-white sorority at Kent created an award for it’s “blackest member.” Of course, the sorority has said everything you would expect it to. You know, things they didn’t really mean, such as “oh, we were just kidding” and “it was a joke.” Yeah, ha ha.

The sorority is currently on probation and university officials say that there’s a chance the group could lose its charter at Kent, which, not knowing the Greek lingo, means it might be shut down? Who knows. The campus will certainly be a better place without them, but something tells me they’ll get off with a slap on the wrist, which means it’ll only be a few more months before the normal university kids have to bear witness again to pledges swimming across the campus pond naked with bananas stuck in their butts or whatever those silly people do. I never really could comprehend that life, myself.