I’ve been lucky over the years to never have “lost” a hard drive. Until Friday. After turning on my computer, I kept on ending up at the famed “blue screen of death,” no matter which way I booted the machine up. I was scared. Oh, I back everything up to my external drive, but only once a month or so, so I was dreading the thought of all the pictures and music I may have lost.

Enter Ed Sterling, who runs a little company in Bolton, MA called PC House Calls. Here’s a guy who basically goes around to people’s houses and fixes their computers for half the price of the bigger computer fixits out there. He rolled in and the problem was a little more extensive than we had initially thought – a power outage in Maynard had effectively ruined my hard drive. Then he pulls out something BartPE which allows the computer to boot directly from a CD-ROM and on that CD is a Symantec product called Ghost.

To spare you all the boring details, Ghost basically pulls all your data from your machine and moves it to your external drive. Then you can replace your hard drive and Ghost will move it right back to the new drive. Awesome! I was lucky – ALL my data was saved. And I learned how to install a new internal hard drive.

For those of you in the Central Massachusetts area, Ed is your man. GREAT service, affable guy.

Now, remind me to set up weekly backups instead of monthly.

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