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Inspired by a couple of emails and images sent from some old friends, I bring you the Turktopuss, the bastard child of an octopus and a turkey. We went through a bit of a phase a few years back when we were creating several of these, of course with great, great amusement. Inspired by some of those old images, I couldn’t help but get back on the wagon for some good ol’ animal husbandry creations. Look for more of these soon.

Also, I was reading the Globe yesterday and saw that it was the 41st birthday of Ty Pennington, the spastic and fairly annoying ring leader of ABC’s Extreme Home Makeover. i figured there was really no better time to celebrate Ty’s birthday by completely renovating this site, which I’ve done. There will be some more minor changes, but this will be home for a while. No major changes to content – I’ve added a couple of new blogs in the blogroll and moved the nav table to the right.

Of course, special thanks to my friend Dan, who is always there with a helping hand whenever I blow up the site. My HTML talents are questionable at best, so while I might be able to get the site near the finish line, it’s always Dan who grabs the baton and crosses that line, but not before whacking me over the head with it. Heh. Anyway, let me know what you think of the new digs.

Finally, I learned something new today. There are laws in Alabama which prevent any retail store from selling any single beer over 16oz. Additionally, you cannot buy a beer there which contains any more than 6% alcohol. Interesting. Just sayin.’