Someone needs to come to my house and take away the Trader Joe’s strawberry licorice, because it’s turning into a legitimate problem for me. Be careful, though, because if I see you taking it, I will kill you. It’s soft, but not too soft. Not too tough, either. The flavor is…….well……who put the crack in there, anyway? The best part is that with each little piece, some of it inevitably gets stuck in your teeth and that’s awesome because a minute or two later when it becomes dislodged, it’s like a bonus round. I have lost my mind.

I hadn’t had licorice in at least 5-7 years previous to trying this one. Just last week, I hit the vending machine at the office and saw Twizzlers in there and thought it might be comparable. It is not. I had one stick of Twizzlers and threw the rest out. I know, I know, starving kids in China and all, but really Twizzlers, give me a break. It wasn’t even 1/10th as good.