I’m not even sure where to begin today. Is it the fact that the Red Sox defied almost all of their past history and logic with their death-defying comeback to eliminate the Oakland A’s? Let me ask you – have you seen a better five game series than this one was? Even if the Red Sox had lost, the drama, the pressure, the intensity, the flying head-butt collisions, the walk-off homeruns, the two nasty sinkerball strikeouts to end it……it made for some of the best baseball theatre I’ve ever seen in a five-game baseball series. Wow. Next question: how do you get yourselves fired up for Wednesday, after such dramatics? Who knows? I’ll just keep on riding it out and enjoying the hell out of it.

What in the hell is this all about? I wish I could get inside the head of someone when they think to themself “Man, it would be some kind of awesome to have an alligator as a pet. No wait — it would be even better if I also had a Bengal Tiger! Yeah!”

I guess it was a weekend of tigers in the news – poor Roy! The guy got trounced by a white tiger during one of their tacky shows in Las Vegas over the weekend. People finally will realize that Sigfried & Roy were actually performing these very dangerous shows for the last 20 years. They’ll be more popular than ever! Unfortunately, there’s no more shows, though. Just their luck! To finally get the respect, but only after a tiger goes berserk and kicks your ass and drags you off stage by your throat. Poor Sigfried. Poor Roy. How will they ever get by in their retirement on just $60 million?

Finally – looking for a house? Why not let Gaye Males show you around? Hah.

Song now playing: REM – “Monty Got A Raw Deal”