The Boston Globe points out in this morning’s edition that if the weather continues as expected, it will have rained 18 out of 31 days this month and the average temperature will be roughly 10 degrees colder than the average May. I’m just sayin.’

Sorry to keep beating the Scrabble horse, but I think I’ve really irritated Maven, the computer player. I finally beat the damn thing two nights ago, 349-347 and ever since then the words this thing is coming up with are just insane. For instance, in one game I unleashed not one, but two seven letter words consecutively (“sidemen” and “lairing”) and was ahead by over 100 points and feeling like I had the game. Then I guess Maven decided to start trying. Three seven-letter words later (“lecithin” and “eglatere” among the highlights) and I was dust. Final score: 520-303. Unbelieveable.

Finally, yesterday marked somewhat of a transitional day in my life. After sixteen years of wearing glasses, I acquired myself a pair of contact lenses. Yes, sixteen years of glasses. My original pair, back in 1989, made me look like a serial killer. I had gold-rimmed glasses in college, which in retrospect, I hate now. I droppped my last pair in the toilet, if you remember, and I was tired of always having to wipe them off in the rain and just dealing with them in general. Let’s not even get started discussing how I wear prescription “sport goggles” when playing hockey, either. Anyway, I’d always been very much against the idea of sticking plastic corrective lenses into sensitive parts of my skull on a daily basis, but really, the hell with it.

Yesterday’s initial foray into contacts was an interesting one, to say the least. Instinct simply takes over when you’re sticking your fingers into your eye. The eyelid seemed beyond my control, simply shutting it down whenever I tried to put the lens in. Translation: it took me a long time to get a single lens in. I’m confident I’ll have it down to a science soon enough, but I expect a few more days of eye fighting to come. At the eye doctor’s yesterday, they made me put them in, take them out and put them in again before I left. Total time to accomplish said mission: 1 hour, 39 minutes. Onward…..