Near East Rice Pilaf
Originally uploaded by rustedrobot.

There aren’t many things you can say you’ve been doing almost literally your entire life. You may go through phases of certain things, you may have picked something up ten years ago that feels like you’ve been doing it forever, but when you step back and think about it, there really aren’t many things you can think of that have been a constant throughout life, other than (hopefully) family.

So a message to the people at Near East foods who put crack in the rice pilaf: keep it coming. I’ve been eating this stuff even since I can remember and I have never – not even once – gotten sick of it or taken time off from it. Ever. Even during the lean years of college, I would buy a box, make it for dinner and eat the whole thing and nothing else. I had it growing up, I had it in high school, in college, post-college and I think Steph and I have it once or twice a week. And I have no plans to ever stop eating it. How come I never get sick of this stuff?

Is there a certain food you’ve always eaten without fail? I don’t mean a general food like “fruit,” either. I’m talking about a specific food. Is there something you’ve eaten ever since you can remember and you just know you’ll never stop?

(Near East better send me a check for this one)