A few people have asked me over the past few months about some old posts I had written and I realized that as I approach five years blogging, there’s no search/navigation help on this site at all. If you want to find something specific, you have to rifle through the archive links – good for general poking around, but terrible for finding specific posts. So I’ve added a search box, which is powered by MSN’s live site search. You’re probably asking yourself “MSN? Doesn’t he work for Ask.com?” Well, yes I do and I remain quite partial to our search technology because it is different and compelling. However, Ask doesn’t offer a “do-it-yourself” site-search widget yet and there’s already enough Google to go around for everyone, so I’m trying the MSN one. I actually like it. I don’t like that MSN is sticking advertising in the results and not sharing the revenue with us publishers, but I’ll probably be experimenting with a couple of different search products anyway. That said, I tried a few searches and it works pretty darn good.