Oh man, I was just thinking about soap operas. Not really sure how this popped into my head, but sometimes the strangest memories pop up out of nowhere. Back in 7th grade, there was a group of us boys who went through a nasty General Hospital phase. How funny is that? By morning, we’re sitting in the back of the class doing armfarts, by afternoon, we’re engrossed with General Hospital.

The era we watched was when there were two Grant’s (Grant Putnam and Grant Andrews), but Putnam’s wife Celia didn’t know it, until the other Grant (Andrews) showed up with his “regained memory” after he was released from the mental institution. Who saved the day? Robert Scorpio, the dainty Englishman, whose wife was Holly Scorpio, played by the girl we all liked, Emma Samms.

And then, of course, there was Blackie Parrish (John Stamos) and Frisco Jones (Jack Wagner), who were in a rock band together. I started fading out when Frisco and Felicia were together and there was some nonsense about amazon treasure somewhere because Felicia turned out to be a princess. Give me a break! Give me a real story line, like two Grant’s (played by the same dude, by the way).

Ok, I’m officially embarrassed. But not too bad since I was only in 7th grade, yo.

All that said, there was even a General Hospital rap song from the mid-1980s. Do you remember this? Of course you do. Here it is: