I was going to write this large diatribe, a full analysis of how incredibly painful it was last Thursday night to have the Red Sox come so close, only to blow it on a managerial decision. I was going to call for the head of the manager. I was going to write about how I turned on the World Series Saturday night, but could only watch an inning-and-a-half because it really was too painful. I was going to mention how I couldn’t even write about it until four days after. Then I read Bill Simmons column about the loss and now I don’t need to write anything. There’s no way I can explain it any better than his article. I will add one thing, though – I would be completely acceping of the loss had it come from a great throw, a great fielding play or a big hit. What hurts the most is that we’re not in World Series because of something that didn’t happen on the field. A manager’s decision determined the outcome of the game, of the series and of the season. The Yankees were not the better team – they are there because of a gift, neatly wrapped by the Red Sox with a beautiful bow on top. Crushing. You know what, though – I’ll be right back there in 2004.

Have a look at some “before and after” pictures of the house I just bought. The odd numbered pictures (1,3,5) are “before” and the even numbers (2,4,6) are “after.”

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