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Finally back from an extraordinarily busy but very enjoyable trip to NYC, which is fast becoming my second home. Last night, upon arriving home, the whole week got the best of me – I felt like I’d been pushed through a wood chipper. Fast asleep….

The last few days of the trip were made significantly better by a visit from my smarter half, Steph. We crammed a bunch of stuff into the 72 hours she made it down for, including a visit to the Museum Of Modern Art and, as always, some excellent food. Much of that, plus some ramdom shots I took as I walked around the city, is documented here.

Earlier in the week, I had been paging through one of those “what to do in the city” magazines to see if there was anything else interesting going on for when Steph arrived and when I came across Canstruction, it became obvious to me that we had to experience this. Canstruction is an annual design competition where various New York design firms put their creativity to the test to see who can build the most compelling structures completely out of unopened canned food. Last year’s winner, for example, was a gigantic hot dog, complete with a jar of mustard and ketchup behind it. How could you possibly not want to see something like this?

The price of admission to the exhibit: one can of food per person, all of which would be donated to the New York City Food Bank (including the art structures after the competition was over). Good cause, good camp! See some of our favorite entries here. Some of this stuff is really creative and amazing….