I take great pride in the fact that my girlfriend is walking 60 miles in 3 days. This is no small task and the cause is obviously a good one. She raised the required $1900 in just a month and donations are still flowing in – she’s on her way to raising $3,000 for this, maybe more. As if that weren’t enough, there’s the physical preperation, which means walking all day at least once per week and dealing with the human body’s reaction to such things – the body just isn’t made to endure such treatment and I am sure there are days (Saturday, specifically) when it just plain stinks. But I have great admiration for such selfless tasks, especially since I usually stay home and play video games or watch the Red Sox while she’s out there practicing. But when the day comes and the official walk kicks off, I will have tremendous pride, support and admiration in her for doing this, blisters and all.

Today is Patriots Day here in Massachusetts, a state holiday. To protest the fact that I have to work today while everyone else is out enjoying the Red Sox, the Marathon, or whatever, I am posting from work (just takes me a couple minutes, really, boss).