I sure hope a lot of people are as utterly astounded and overjoyed as I am about Elizabeth Smart. This, perhaps, might be the best story in the last 10 years in America. How bad did our country need this? Bad. I’m sure this girl was long left for dead by just about everybody. It’s only human nature, especially America’s human nature, to forget about these things, pessimistically just rule it out and – like a drive-through – plow on to the next story in the headlines. I mean, even her family had to be experiencing horrible pain and severe doubt they would ever see this girl alive again. Suddenly out of the blue, she’s home last night, sleeping, eating and breathing right next to them after 8 months of what must have been anguish we regular-folk cannot even imagine. Damn, that’s just a beautiful story. Well, the ending is beautiful, anyway.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled ridiculousness. Really, click that link – great stuff.