I still can’t believe the words I am about to put down here, but they are true: Elliot Smith killed himself yesterday. I am not even sure how to describe how I feel about this, except that it hurts. I didn’t even feel this sad when Kurt Cobain committed suicide. Elliot Smith, to me, was in a class by himself – an unbelieveably great guitar player and his lyrics, oh, the lyrics. I don’t know where to start or end right now. The guy killed himself. I just keep saying it over and over again, hoping that it’s a cruel joke. I know it’s not. Smith’s website has some writing from the webmaster who ran it. You can also check out more from Pitchfork Media by clicking here. If you’ve never heard Smith’s music I would highly recommend you start now by getting Either/Or, which is one of my favorite albums of all time (“Alameda,” “Rose Parade” and “Between The Bars” are just so great…..). You also cannot go wrong with the fuller-sounding, almost symphonic XO. I’m just rambling. Smith’s most notable appearance came during the Grammy awards, when he performed a nominated song from “Good Will Hunting” – Smith’s music was very much a part of that movie – haunting, powerful. Damn, I just cannot get my thoughts together right now. Maybe I’ll try to write something a little more cohesive later on. What a tragedy.