I so love Thanksgiving. I don’t need to go into details, except to say that I’ve been able to string together four consecutive days of great holiday leftovers. That kicks so much ass, not to mention a great four-day weekend which saw some interesting events:

– An informal 15th high school reunion. As far as reunions go, this wasn’t your standard hotel ballroom-dinner type thing where you had to dress up. It was held at a local pub and sadly, there were no big surprises. I had been hoping we’d see some people that hadn’t shown their faces for a long, long time, but that wasn’t the case at all. It was mostly whom I thought would show up. That’s not bad, either. I get along plenty good with most of the people who were there, but I was dying to see some of the more mysterious characters emerge, just out of sheer curiousity. It’s not terribly suprising that they didn’t show up, either. So it was, largely, a collection of good people and we had a fine time. Stephanie and I went to high school together, so it was mildly surreal seeing some people putting two-and-two together when they saw or heard we were married now. High school was so freaking weird.

– My wife and I saw Bridget Jones II. Incredibly disappointing and not worth a visit to the theatre. We both liked the first one quite a bit, but I felt like this second one was all about the bling-bling and nothing about writing a good script. Hugh Grant was good, though, playing a sex-crazed wanker.

– I bought and built myself a free-weight bench for weightlifting which encompasses a partial nautilis system. This topic deserves its own entire post, so I’m going to save that process for tomorrow’s entry.

– My pinkie finger on my left hand is a disaster right now. I was playing hockey yesterday when some awkwardly-skating idiot caused it. Initially, I didn’t think much of it, as adreniline and concentration kept me from really feeling it. But about an hour afterwards, I was actually wondering (aloud) if it might be broken and had visions of waiting 73 hours in the ER. Soon thereafter, it puffed up like a little marshmellow. Except marshmellows don’t turn purple and black and a variety of other colors. My wife convinced me it was just a bad bruise. Now it feels all tight and swelled up and it looks like it would simply explode if I stuck it with a pin or something. Oh, and it hurts. Shit.

All told, and despite what you may perceive as a little whining above, I actually had a great weekend. It was great to not be working, of course, and I got to see my family and my wife’s family, eat great food, play some video games, listen to some music, shop around and oh, I finally saw the third Lord Of The Rings installment, which was terrific. That movie was made for a home theatre system!

Song now playing: Guided By Voices – “Chasing Heather Crazy”