I love Jeff’s blog! I love Jeff! (And Leo…)

I was supposed to help Leo blog the Tife and Limes of Jeff this week. Instead, I’ve been blogged with illness and family events. Illness is not good. Family events are unpredictable.

I’m ill. Old story…

Yesterday we had to place my 102-year old Grandma Frances Klug (my Dad’s mother) in a nursing home. Sound odd? I mean, she is 102. Well, she’s lived alone in her home now in Peru, Illinois for 15 years since my Grandpa Francis Klug died. She has all her mental faculties about her…she’s as sharp as a tack! But her physical body is giving in. And yesterday my Grandpa Klug’s sister-in-law, Bernice, who lived around the corner from my Grandma and was 93 years old, died. My father helped bury her. A big day in history for the Klug family. My son, Joseph, who’s 4 years old, is the only one of over 50 children, grand children and great grandchildren of Frances and Francis that will carry on the Klug name. Life is funny. And sad.

I hope Jeff and Steph are layin’ on a beach right now, just hanging out. Hearts are one now. In love…


np The Boss: Factory (one song that always sends chills…)