I love dogs. I never hesitate to stop and pet them while walking down the street, no matter how menacing they look or act. And while I do usually ask a dog owner if their dog is friendly or not, it usually doesn’t stop me, for it doesn’t matter if it’s friendly or not. If it’s friendly, then great! There’s nothing better than a living, breathing being that goes into a state of sheer bliss just by being administered a petting. And if it’s proclaimed unfriendly, well, no problem! ‘Ol Jeffo is such a friendly dog person that he feels he could tame a black bear if needed. Of course this is not true.

So where does this all lead? Well, I saw this picture during my travels on the internet and I thought of that Coors Light commercial, the incredibly annoying one that I’ve been seeing so much lately because I’ve had my eyes glued to the baseball playoffs. You know, the one with the really cheesy rock riffs and the so-called “rock band” professing their love for burritos at 4am, parties that never end……..and twins. And the “twins” they refer to are these two Barbie doll ladies with big boobs and their hair blowing around. It’s clearly pandering to the lowest common denominator – surely no intelligent people are watching baseball, so let’s hit ’em with this commericial! Anyway, I was watching the game last night and started daydreaming about being able to break into the tape machines in the TV networks offices and inserting my own images into their commercials. So when that silly Coors Light commericial got to the part about…………”TWINS!” – I would insert this picture instead: